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£400 International Student Grant (Scholarship)

As part of Continuous Improvement to bring more benefits to International Students, in partnership with international education agent (with branches across the world i.e. Chengdu, Beijing, Xi'an, Chongqing, Xiamen, Malaysia, Newcastle, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, etc), StudentPropertyToRent.co.uk are pleased to give away £400 International Student Grant. There are 85 UK Universities partners. So, BEFORE you apply to UK University of your choice, make sure that you contact StudentPropertyToRent.co.uk first !! and you will get £400 International Student Grant straight after you pay your 1st year tuition fee.

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The only requirement to get £400 International Student Grant is just INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ! So, as long as you are international students (where ever you are, UK or your home country in overseas), contact StudentPropertyToRent.co.uk BEFORE you apply to UK University of your choice...


Note: £300 Scholarship may apply if you apply to continue study to same university as you are studying now.  











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